Custom Splash Screens

Certain Digital View LCD controllers support a custom logo or graphic that is shown when the monitor is powered on. The following is a summary of the specifications for the graphic that can be added:

Controller Size (Pixels) Colors Format
SVX-4096 384×288 2 Bitmap
SVX-2560 640×200 256 Bitmap
SVX/HX-1920v3 640×200 256 Bitmap
SVH/HE-1920v2 640×200 256 Bitmap
ALR-1920 336×192 16 Bitmap
ALR-1920-120 336×192 16 Bitmap
SP/HE-1600 640×480 256 Bitmap
ALR/HE-1400 336×192 16 Bitmap

For more details on this service please contact Digital View or one of our distribution partners.