Latency – Controller Test Results

The topic of signal latency from input to image has arisen in various LCD controller and display projects over the years, for many applications the latency caused by buffering and image processing in the controller is not an issue, however with the increase in interactive applications in digital signage and corporate AV it is getting new attention. We recently ran tests using a third party input signal to image latency tester designed to provide a consistent methodology and basis for comparison.

Here are some of the fastest results we achieved with our controllers:

  • Driving a 3840×2160 panel: 15ms
  • Driving a 1920x-1080 panel: 11ms

These are very fast times and to put this is some context we found that some controllers gave results as much as six times slower, ie over 100ms. As mentioned depending on the application it may be that image processing and functions are more important than low latency but if latency is an issue it is worth discussing the controller options with us.