LCD Controller Commands Page – Preview

We have created a new webpage related to the very extensive LCD controller command set available for Digital View controllers, you can see a preview of the webpage here:

There are many reasons users of finished monitors and displays might use commands, for example…

  • Room controllers: To work with room controllers such as from Crestron, Extron, AMX and others. These can be readily programmed to control Digital View LCD controller enabled displays, typically this will be for on/off and brightness but may extend to other functions in more complex installations.
  • Hotkey functions, for example some users have display systems with multiple video sources and want to switch between them easily, integrators make small button boards that send a command string to trigger switching inputs. Other companies want to invoke certain settings, sometimes multiple settings such as changing the color and brightness setting with a single button push.
  • Computer application control: Customers can develop their own applications or integrate control into applications for management of display functions. One interesting example is to provide on-screen display controls to be used with touch screen monitors. A readily accessible example of how to do this is with the Digital View Controller Utility, a free Windows compatible application giving access to the commands supported by a particular LCD controller model.
  • Media player control & data: Especially in digital signage applications being able to control and monitor the display is becoming increasing important. The Digital View provides both as some commands make changes while others are for polling the system and retrieving data.


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