SVX-2560 Update – Network Functionality

The Digital View SVX-2560 LCD controller update released this week is primarily focused on enhancing the network functionality. Specifically the various modifications include:

  • Full Ethernet command & control functions with both browser mode & command mode together with additional monitoring features:
    • Temperature sensors support, e.g. on-board sensor x1 and external sensor x1.
    • Light sensor, e.g. On/Off and value.
    • Fan On/Off control & speed monitoring.
    • Voltage detection 2x for any other sensors that generating voltage signal.
    • Alert message (through email) for sensor status.
  • Support Composite video/S-Video (through AVD-1000) on J6 connector that without using the any other input ports (e.g. HDMI or DVI).
  • Supports CEC commands with firmware version, E1.19.CEC.00.

The Ethernet connectivity is in addition to the RS-232 serial command & control connectivity and meets the needs of both local control requirements and compatibility with room control devices such as from Crestron, AMX and others as well as remote and server or cloud based IOT projects though additional engineering may be required for compatibility with proprietary systems.

The SVX-2560 product page on the Digital View website is SVX-2560 website product page.

svx-2560 lcd controller