Transparent OLED Controller Solutions

Attracting many references to movies and science fiction, transparent OLED displays are here and being used in retail and trade shows. They are certainly eye catching as the contrast and transparency exceeds anything that has been available previously. Looking at the image on the right below you can see the transparency is in the dark parts of the image.

So far both the ALR-1920 and SVX-1920v3 controllers from Digital View have been setup to drive the 55″ model (ASI545FB01-0) and have been deployed in displays used at CES 2016, Infocomm Connections as well at the Superbowl in San Jose.

We also recently set one up with a touch screen which started the movie references all over again.

Transparent OLED - ALR-1920Transparent OLED - front








Details have been posted to the Digital View Controller Solution Generator (CSG), alternatively please contact us directly for details.