Specifics: Sensors & Digital Signage Displays

I have mentioned support for sensors a few times in previous blogs, this time it is to look at some specifics of the support provided for sensors on various Digital View LCD controllers and the add-on IP-60v2 board, primarily for digital signage displays but also suitable for other applications.

The main sensors we see used in digital signage displays, particularly outdoor ones, are brightness and temperature related.  For example adjusting the display brightness or measuring spot or ambient temperature within the enclosure or managing fans.

For both indoor and outdoor displays monitoring and adjusting the brightness may be required for compliance, ie not having blindingly bright displays at night, or managing backlight longevity.

For display systems operating in harsher conditions such as high or low temperatures and those running very high bright displays that generate a lot of heat within the enclosure, monitoring and management can be critical for the maintenance of a reliable digital signage display.

Digital View provides

The following is a brief summary of the sensor support provided on various Digital View controllers and accessories:

  • Fan control: Fan spec: 12V or 24V (24V is recommended because only use one 24V PSU in the system. 3-wire (no PWM control) or 4-wire (with PWM control)
  • Temperature sensors: Temperature sensor spec is LM60 (for oC) or LM34 (for oF). But it is recommended to use the Digital View temperature sensor board (P/N: 416021320-3) which has the LM60 on board.
  • Light: Digital View provides three types of light sensor:
  1. Autobrite kit: Connect via RS-232 and controlled by RS-232 command
  2. Light sensor board (P/N 416021310-3): Currently Supported by the Digital View IP-60v2 add-on accessory board as well as the Digital View SVX-4096/SVX-4096-120 LCD controllers. Controlled by web browser.
  3. Ambient light detector kit (70220-3): Currently supported by SVX-2560, SVX/HX-1920v3 & SVH/HE-1920v2.

Connectors on specific Digital View products:

IP-60v2: This is a Digital View add-on board providing both Ethernet support and sensor connectivity for any Digital View LCD controller:

  • Fan   (x4): RPM monitoring + Speed control
  • Temp (x3): DegC monitoring
  • Light  (x1): mVolt monitoring + Backlight control
  • Control Interface: Web browser / RS-232 command

SVX-4096 & SVX-4096-120: These models have the functionality of the IP-60v2 built-in:

  • Fan   (x2): RPM monitoring
  • Temp (x2): DegC monitoring  [One temp sensor is built on board]
  • Light  (x1): mVolt monitoring + Backlight control*
  • Ambient light (x1): Backlight control*
  • Control Interface: Web browser / RS-232 command (Except Ambient light)

*Function pending firmware update.

SVX-2560: Built-in IP-60v2 type functionality:

  • Fan (x2): RPM monitoring*
  • Temp (x2): DegC monitoring [One temp sensor is built on board]*
  • Light (x1): mVolt monitoring + Backlight control*
  • Ambient light (x1): Backlight control
  • Control Interface: Web browser* / RS-232 command* (Except Ambient light)

*Function pending firmware update.

SVX-1920v3: Supports 70220-3 ambient light detector kit.

For more information please contact us or a Digital View value added distributor.


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