SNMP Support

The Digital View SVX-4096 LCD controller for 4K video input and LCD panels (up to 4096×2160 resolution) has been updated to provide support for SNMPv2. Currently the functions supported include:

– Brightness
– Contrast
– Backlight
– Soft power
– Firmware version
– Host name

Other functions can be supported on a custom basis.

All Digital View controllers provide extensive function support through OSD buttons, IR remote control as well as through RS-232. The SVX family of controllers as well as certain of the harsh environment models also have Ethernet connection for function control built-in. All models can be used with the IP-60v2 add-on board to provide Ethernet command connectivity  as well as support for fans and temperature sensors as well as a GPIO.

These capabilities enable monitor developers to add support for telemetry as well as commands to control the display remotely.

Ethernet cable


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