Media Player for E Ink, STM-100

The Digital View STM-100 media player board for E Ink displays is in the final development stages and about to move to production. The target market for this media player is digital signs using E Ink epaper panels. A draft web page is at, and we will have more information added in the coming weeks.

Some of the key points to note about the STM-100 epaper media board:

  • Designed for epaper digital signs: It is designed to handle still images for E Ink epaper displays used in digital sign applications.
  • Ultra-low power: It supports ultra-low standby power, a key feature for low power outdoor signs.
  • Communications: Add-on modules for cellular or wi-fi are supported, the photo below is of the STM-100 with a wi-fi module.
  • Content management: It supports connectivity with digital signage CMS systems, for example, Conversar, for scalable signage networks.
  • E Ink compatibility: It is suitable for sizes of E Ink panels and is compatible with Digital View E Ink controller boards / driver boards.
Digital View STM-100

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