STM-100 Media Board for E Ink Displays


For Epaper Displays

A media board with CPU as the media receiver and player for E Ink based display systems

•  For E Ink epaper displays
•  Compatible with Digital View controllers:
    •  EPM-050 and EPM-050C
    •  EPM-100v2
    •  EPL-100
•  Low-power standby
•  Conversar CMS compatible

•  Part number: 4160254xx-3


STM-100 Low Power Media Board for E Ink Epaper Displays

We designed the STM-100 media board specifically for use as part of an E Ink epaper display system. The STM-100 media board will receive and process image content for display on E Ink based epaper display systems. It is designed to be used with Digital View controller boards. Key features include specific content compatibility, remote content server compatibility, and low-power standby. As a CPU based board, it can also be customized for other functions.

The STM-100 continues Digital View's heritage in digital signage technology.

Specifications: STM-100 Media Board

Processor ST Micro ARM Cortex processor, a powerful low power processor.
The STM-100 is designed to control the images and scripts for E Ink based digital signs. The low-power standby mode is particularly relevant to solar/battery based display systems.
Operating System Embedded Linux, open for custom or customer development
Input & Outputs Ethernet 10/100/1000M
4 x USB type A, for connection to up to four Digital View epaper controller boards
Power, 12V DC
Firmware upgrade port
Memory on-board 2Gbytes internal flash
Board size (PCB) 111mm x 83mm
Controller compatibility The STM-100 is designed to be used with:
•  EPM-050 for E Ink 13.3" monochrome panels
•  EPM-050C for E Ink 13.3" color panels (Kaleido)
•  EPL-100 for E Ink 25.3" & 28" panels
•  EPM-100v2 for E Ink 31.2" & 42" monochrome panels
•  Upcoming interface for E Ink Spectra 6 panels
Content Update The STM-100 is compatible with:
•  Conversar CMS, our cloud based signage service
•  EP Demo App, a free app suitable for 1 to 3 displays
Functions Media conversion and formatting, Log file recording & reporting, Power management.
Initial release date Scheduled for Q3, 2023

System Example

An epaper display system using an E Ink panel is likely to be made up of the following parts:
- E Ink epaper panel, for example 13.3", 25.3", 28", 31.5", 42"
- Digital View controller board, ie EPM-050, EPL-100, EPM-100v2 etc
- Media board, STM-100 as above
- Connection to power and communications
- Enclosure

For more details on putting together a display system or other related question please contact us.

stm-100 system


Pending release

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