LCD Controller Updates

Over the past 5 months there have been quite a number of LCD controller updates released to production and details posted to the website. Here is a summery of some of the most recent updates:

  • SVX-4096 is receiving quite a major firmware update with v1.04.00.00 now released to production, this includes addition of the following functions. The updated manual and Revision Note will be posted to the website soon:
    • Auto source seek,
    • VGA port support,
    • Hot keys support,
    • Backlight control: D/A, PWM, Invert on OSD menu
    • Support for more RS-232 commands
    • Calibrated all GAMMA values
    • Show version name on OSD menu
    • Added 3840×2160@30HZ EDID in DP
    • More panel timing support (new definition on DIP SW4)
    • Configurable V-by-One’s option pins by hardware jumper (JC1 and JC2)
    • Add 3200K colour temp on OSD
    • Support for the runtime counter
  • ALR-1400: Manual updated to v2.01 and posted to the website.
  • HE-1400: Manual and Revision Note posted to the website.
  • DD-1920/DD-1920-HDMI/HDD-1920: Firmware v1.14.00 has been released to production.
  • DD-1920-Dual-DVI: Firmware v1.06.00 has been released to production
  • DD-1920-VGA: Firmware v1.02.00 has been released to production, it improves the accuracy of the backlight level control.
  • DD-1920-DP: Firmware v1.01.00 has been released to production, it improves the accuracy of the backlight level control.
  • SP-1600/HE-1600: Firmware  V1.30.00 was released to production, it modifies and improves memory write functions.


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