IP-60 Release

The IP-60 Ethernet to RS-232 add-on board for Digital View controllers is due to be fully released within the next week. This board enables a display system developer to add Ethernet connection to make use of the extensive RS-232 command set. As with the IP-50 the IP-60 operates in two modes:

  • Web server mode: Create a web-page stored on the IP-60 and then accessed using a web-browser.
  • Direct command mode: Use a PC, control device like a Crestron, AMX, Bitwise type controller or a custom device.

As noted in an earlier blog, the IP-60 is integrated into the upcoming SVX-2560. The IP-60 will be updated in coming months with added support for sensors and other display related accessories such as cooling fans.

IP-60 Ethernet to RS-232 Add-on Board
IP-60 Ethernet to RS-232 Add-on Board

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