Comparing SVX and ALR controller families

The following is a quick summary comparison of the two product families, SVX and ALR showing some of the main differences:

    SVX family        ALR family
Panel support Up to 10 bit Up to 8 bit
Memory buffer Yes No
Feature set Advanced Standard
RS-232 / Ethernet command set Advanced RS-232 only*
Display resolution support Up to 4k Up to 1920×1200
Scaling Advanced Standard
Signal latency Fast Faster
Input signal frequency Up to 75Hz Limited**

A few notes:

  • Memory buffer: This allows for more signal processing so the controller can accept a wider range of frame rates and interlaced signals.  It also enables functions such as Picture-in-Picture (PiP), image zoom, variable aspect scaling, screen markers.
  • SVX-2560 will support the image flip function.
  • * Ethernet support: The ALR family of boards do not have integrated Ethernet support but will work with the IP-60 add-on board for Ethernet command support via RS-232.
  • ** In most cases the input frequency is limited to 50/60Hz.

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