Example TCP/IP Command Application

About 10 days ago we posted an example serial RS-232 command application – today we would like to share another Visual Basic version, this one is for sending commands over a network. Digital View LCD controllers with an Ethernet connection built-in include the SVX prefixed models but any Digital View LCD controller can have support Ethernet by adding one of our network control boards, IP-50, IP-60 or IP-60v2.

We have assembled the files into a single 140KB zip file downloadable here that includes:

  • Brightness_TCP.doc: This is the text of the code.
  • Brightness_TCP.exe: A Windows compatible compiled version.
  • Brightness_TCP VB 2017 code.zip: All the source code.
  • Brightness_TCP_Win10.jpg: Image of the application in Windows 10
  • Brightness-TCP_Win7.jpg: Image of the application in Windows 7

If you have a need for an application to control and of the extensive functions available on Digital View controllers, whether using serial RS-232 or Ethernet we also provide custom development services.

Windows10 TCP-IP UI