LCD Controller Accessories

Digital View provides a comprehensive selection of accessories to complement its controllers. These include:
- 120Hz and image flip/rotate enhancement, IE-1000, IE-1010, IE-2000
- Audio amplifier add-on board
- Ambient light sensor and backlight control
- Very low power standby adaptor
- HD-SDI input add-on boards
- Inverter interface board
- IR interface board, receiver board, remote control and repeater board
- DisplayMark for LCD panel monitoring
- Fan monitoring & temperature seonsor board
- IP-60 for Ethernet interface for RS-232 commands
- OSD control buttons
- Power converter board
- Power supply
- Video add-on board, AVD-1000
- Concept boards.


120Hz Support: IE-1000/1010



Adds support for 120Hz LCD panels with resolutions up to 1920 x 1200.
Suitable for the SVX-1920v3 LCD controller

The Flip version enables H&V flip and 180 degree rotate

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120Hz Support: IE-2000



Adds support for 120Hz LCD panels to Digital View SVX-4096 LCD controllers. Has V-by-One output 

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Audio Board



Add Audio To Your Display

An easy to use accessory to add an audio amplifier directly to your display system..

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Backlight: Autobrite +



An ambient light detector add-on board that auto-adjusts the LCD/LED panel backlight brightness based on ambient light levels. 

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Green Power II



To compliment the Digital View family of LED (LCD) panel solutions, the Green Power board with its small footprint design can be used with any Digital View controller (or display driver if you prefer) to power down the system with less than 0.1W power consumption when in standby mode.

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HD-SDI: HD-1000



Add SINGLE Channel HD-SDI Signal Inputs to controllers - includes signal pass-through.

Suitable for SVH-1920 & SVH-1920+ Controllers

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HD-SDI: HD-2000



Add DUAL Channel HD-SDI signal inputs to controllers - includes signal pass-through.

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HD-SDI: HD-3000S



Add SINGLE Channel HD-SDI / 3G-SDI signal inputs - includes signal pass-through (re-clocked).

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HD-SDI: HD-3000



Add DUAL Channel HD-SDI / 3G-SDI signal inputs to controllers. Includes signal pass-through (re-clocked).


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In addition to the standard BNC connectors the HD-3000-SF also supports a standard SFP fiber module providing distance driving – verified to over 1.5km.

Multi-input mux with signal pass-through.

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Image Invert: IE-1010-Flip - 60Hz



Supports 60Hz Panels. Add Horizontal / Vertical flip or 180 degree Rotate to exisitng Digital View controllers

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Inverter Interface Board



Inverter power protection

Designed for 12v inverter input, manages excessive currents safely. Includes reverse polarity protection.

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IR-Control Device



This new IR control device provides a method of having single button port selections from the IR remote, for example #1 always selects the DVI port, #4 selects the Composite 1 port.

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IR-LED Board



The IR board is one of those small accessories that sometimes gets overlooked but plays a valuable role. Designed to be integrated on the inside of an enclosure with suitable access holes. The IR receiver is used for the On Screen Display (OSD) menu of Digital View display interface controllers and works with the Digital View remote control.

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Remote control of all features
Control display and media playback

Suitable for all controller products

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A solution when using multiple monitors that allows a single IR sensor to be daisy chained, particularly in a video wall configuration. The new video-wall repeater code being released will permit each display to be numbered and then individually selected from the IR Remote.

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Monitoring: Displaymark II



LCD Display Monitoring & Reporting

DisplayMark LCD panel sensor with active monitoring & reporting.

Suitable for products: SGX-1920 & SVX-1920

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Monitoring: Status Monitor Board



This device monitors the tachometers of two fans, an onboard temperature sensor and the voltage output of two power supplies, this information is then reported to the SVX-1920 controller on the I2c bus and then the state of these parameters can be read over a network or from the serial port.

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Network Control: IP-60v2 (NEW)



Ethernet Control For Display Systems

Access Digital View LCD controller functions over a network. Suitable for pass-through commands or programmable on-board web server. Remotely manage any Digital View, RS-232 enabled device.

IP-60v2 details
IP-60 details
IP-50 details (EOL)


OSD Control Buttons



Easy to use display control button. No fuss, easy-to-use on screen display control.
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Power Converter Board



Power from one source

Provides 12VDC for the LCD panel and controller and 24VDC for the backlight from a single 24VDC source.

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Power Supply



Single power supply source for display systems with Digital View controllers

AC/DC power supply to support LCD display systems using Digital View controllers..

Suitable for all Digital View Controllers

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Video add-on: AVD-1000



Adds Composite video input.

Provides legacy Composite video input suppoort for SVX family controllers. The HVD-1000, a version for harsher environments is also available.

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Software Utilities



Software designed to work with Digital View controllers

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Concept: Joystick & Slider



Intuitive On Screen Display Controls.

Designed to show-off the RS-232 control possible. The joystick and slider allows users to access all functions and position and scale PIP windows

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Concept: OSD Joystick



A product concept that has been tested but is not in production.


Easy to use display control button. No fuss, easy-to-use on screen display control.