DisplayPort 2.0

DisplayDaily recently posted an article about the VESA announcement of DisplayPort 2.0 with double the bandwidth of the latest HDMI version. This new DP 2.0 version can support up to 8K/60 10-bit 4:4:4 (RGB) @ 60 Hz.

It sounds impressive but then comes the reality check, most computers use HDMI. Furthermore DP 1.2 is still common with not many consumer PC’s using DP 1.3 and very few (none mentioned) using DP 1.4. As noted it may take many years for this to be adopted.

DisplayPort offers a number of benefits, it has normally been the bandwidth leader and we, Digital View, use it as the basis of daisy-chaining displays.

See the original article here: https://www.displaydaily.com/article/display-daily/displayport-2-0-here-we-go-with-the-numbers-game-again

The official DisplayPort website is here: https://www.displayport.org/