ALT-1920 New Controller

The ALT-1920 LCD controller board is a new Digital View model previewed at SID’s DisplayWeek in May 2019 and is now available, see the web page at

The ALT-1920 is very similar to the ALR-1920 but with a number of enhancements.

  • Ceramic capacitors making the controller board more robust and extending operating lifetime especially in elevated working temperatures.
  • Support for variable aspect ratio for Full (scaling format to Fill screen) and 4:3 (scaling format of 4:3).
  • Support for 9600 baud rate on the ALT-1920 compared to 2400 baud rate on ALR-1920.
  • Audio line in (stereo) connector source from VGA. 
  • Support for the ‘menu/power’ key for the 5 button switch mount.
  • Ambient light sensor connector (CN9) for connection with ambient light sensor kit 70220-3.

The part number of the ALT-1920 is 4176400xx-3 and at the time of writing the firmware version is V1.01.00. Please contact us or our resellers for more details.


Product page:

All Digital View LCD controller boards:

The above was written in July 2019 – I would now like to revisit this with some more detail.

Since we released the ALT-1920 we have updated the product web page with an introductory video and some other information including updated 3D drawings in various formats (IGS, STEP, SLDPRT). We have also released many Connection Diagrams that can be found on the Digital View CSG,

Also, very importantly we have released the HLT-1920, which is a modified version of the ALT-1920 designed for use in harsher environment display applications:

The ALT-1920 is as popular as its predecessor, the ALR-1920. It is seeing use in a wide variety of products and display applications including defense-related, medical, and general industrial. Importantly it is also being used as a test bench model for products and development, it is certainly a great all-purpose controller board which makes it a great “start here” model.

In addition, there is a selection of accessories to support the ALT-1920. The most commonly used is the button board (we have a choice of models), there are also the panel and backlight cables as well as an ambient light sensor that can be used for the backlight or other activation.