ALT-1920 New Controller

The ALT-1920 LCD controller board is a new Digital View model previewed at SID’s DisplayWeek in May and now available, see the web page at

The ALT-1920 is very similar to the ALR-1920 but with a number of enhancements.

  • Ceramic capacitors making the controller board more robust and extending operating lifetime especially in elevated working temperatures.
  • Support for variable aspect ratio for Full (scaling format to Fill screen) and 4:3 (scaling format of 4:3).
  • Support for 9600 baud rate on the ALT-1920 compared to 2400 baud rate on ALR-1920.
  • Audio line in (stereo) connector source from VGA. 
  • Support for the ‘menu/power’ key for the 5 button switch mount.
  • Ambient light sensor connector (CN9) for connection with ambient light sensor kit 70220-3.

The part number of the ALT-1920 is 4176400xx-3 and at the time of writing the firmware version is: V1.01.00. Please contact us or our resellers for more details.


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