Digital View and RS-232/Ethernet

Serial Communication Protocol

RS-232 and Ethernet are standard ways for PC’s to communicate with devices. Digital View was a pioneer in offering support for serial RS-232 for LCD controllers and again with Ethernet control.  Although we have an extensive suite of over 50 commands, some of the most commonly used functions include:

  • Soft Power on/off (standby)  
  • Input source select
  • Backlight Brightness adjustment
  • Other On Screen Display menu functions are  listed in the manual

Other controller commands (depending on model*) that are also accessible via RS-232/Ethernet include:

  • Color adjustment
  • Aspect ratio
  • PIP window selections
  • Text overlay
  • Volume control
  • Fan monitoring
  • Temperature
  • Failover

As a note, for controller models that do not have built-in Ethernet connectivity there is the IP-60 add-on board providing this and support for the full range of commands for the connected LCD controller.

*Please review Digital View’s product manual for controller support of specific serial functions.