ALR-1400v2 Updates

The ALR-1400v2, a replacement for the ALR-1400 which has been in production for over 10 years, is relatively new and has been going through a number of updates, the most recent includes the following changes:

Upgrade firmware on U10 to V1.03.00

New features added :

  1. Input image scale down function.
  2. Ability to display the OSD menu even when there is no video input signal.
  3. Support for user EDID download via RS-232 port, relates to the VGA and DVI port.
  4. JP9 jumper set to ‘open’ will disable the EDID update function, and set JP9 jumper
    close to enable the EDID update function.

New LCD panel support added:

  • Mitsubishi AA104VJ02 (640×480) panel
  • NEC NL8060BC31-47D (800×600) panel
  • NEC NL12876BC26-21 (1280×768) panel
  • NEC NL8048BC19-02 (800×480) panel
  • AUO M220EW01 (1680×1050) panel
  • SHARP LQ123K1LG03 (1280×480) panel
  • Chunghwa CLAA070NA01CT (1024×600) panel
  • NEC NL4823BC37-05 (480X234) panel (OSD menu size cannot be fully displayed)

Bugs fixed :

  • OSD menu upside-down when the vertical position moves.
  • Correct 640×480 VGA and DVI resolution EDID Display Product Name from “ALR-
    1920V2DVI” to “ALR-1400v2DVI” and from “ALR-1920V2VGA” to “ALR-1400v2VGA”.

Full details and documentation for the ALR-1400v2 are available at:

Digital View ALR-1400v2 LCD controller

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