5-Button Mini-Click OSD Switchmount Now Available

Designed for users who want a simple and low cost way to add access to the controller/monitor OSD commands, the new 5 Button Mini-Click OSD Switchmount has the following buttons:

  • Menu to open the OSD menu
  • Sel Up and Sel Dn to select menu options
  • + and  –  to increment settings

Compared to the existing Digital View 8 button OSD switchmount (P/N: 416100520) this new model has slightly taller mini-click type buttons.

The part number for this new 5 button mini-click OSD switchmount is: 416103700-3. This and the OSD cable can be sold separately or in a kit:

KIT 60204-3:  5 button OSD switch mount P/N 4160103700-3 + OSD cable (250mm) P/N 426122210-3 for controllers such as the ALR-1400, AVP-1600, DVS-1600 and SP-1600.

KIT 67204-3:  5 button OSD switch mount P/N 4160103700-3 + OSD cable (250mm) P/N 426123010-3 for controllers such as the ALR-1920SVH-1920v2SVX-1920v3SVX-2560 and SVX-4096.

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Digital View 5 button OSD switchmount