4mm LCD Controller Preview

With a maximum thickness of only 4mm the DD-1920-HDMI-T is designed for commercial LCD display applications where space is at a premium or design preference dictate ‘thin’.

This LCD controller is based on the well established DD-1920-HDMI model but modified to reduce its thickness. As a result the input is a Micro-HDMI connector and other connectors are low profile but the functionality remains. Suitable applications might include automotive displays or public displays looking to maintain a very low profile.

Click the link here for a preliminary brochure: brochure dd-1920-hdmi-t preliminary

Brief Specifications:

  • Panel resolution supported: up to 1920×1200, LVDS conenction
  • Input: Micro-HDMI connector for up to 1080p, 1920×1200@60Hz
  • Size: 91.4mm x 91.4mm x 4mm
  • Very low latency, input to output lag
  • RS-232 for command & control

lcd controller dd-1920-hdmi-t