LCD Controllers

HX-2560-SDI (New)

13 November 2021

The Digital View HX-2560-SDI LCD controller board due for release in late Q4, 2021 or early Q1, 2022 is compact, supports video & LCD panels up to 2560×1600. The video connectors are headers for HDMI, … [more]

Digital Signage

Ultra-Low Power Public Signboard

10 August 2021

We recently installed an ultra-low-power 84″ equivalent epaper sunlight-readable digital signboard for a city council in Silicon Valley, California. When I say ultra-low-power it is not hyperbole, the display itself uses zero power to display, … [more]

LCD Controllers

SVX-1920-PRO (New)

5 August 2021

The Digital View SVX-1920-PRO is a new model LCD controller board designed with many of the characteristics of the SVX-1920v3 and SVH-1920v2 models. Measuring 179.1 x 120.4mm it is the same size as the SVX-1920v3 … [more]

Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Display Technology

7 April 2021

When it comes to outdoor digital displays there are currently three main contenders: LED, LCD, ePaper. The following is a brief comparison table of the main characteristics of each. Each technology has its advantages depending … [more]


Reflective Digital Displays

4 April 2021

Our daily experience is typically with displays that emit light, our phones, televisions, monitors, tablets and watches all use technologies such as LCD (with LED backlights) or OLED or direct view LED. However reflective displays … [more]

fps and pwm

LED Brightness & PWM

26 March 2021

In the display industry LEDs are used as the light source for LCD panels and as the display pixels in direct view LED displays, eg video walls. The most common method for adjusting the brightness … [more]