13.3″ E Ink Panels & Driver For Outdoor

In May 2021 we will release a driver board for the E Ink 13.3″ monochrome epaper panels to complement the EPM-100 for 32″ and 42″ E Ink epaper panels. In addition, to further enable display development, we will also offer some standard optically bonded 13.3″ E Ink panel modules for outdoor applications as well as support any custom requests. These optically bonded panels will comprise:

  • Cover glass with AG
  • UV protection
  • E Ink panel
  • Backing plate

At this time we will have two standard sizes, a single 13.3″ and a double, as shown below.

The interface for these panels is USB and we have a documented API available for that. Alternatively, we have a sample application for Raspberry Pi 3B+ as well as the ability to set the display to collect files from a remote server. For more information on Digital View’s E Ink paper solutions see: https://www.digitalview.com/controllers/epm-100-eink-interface.html.