What is an LCD Controller Board

An LCD controller board is used to convert various types of video signal to a format for an LCD panel. The following graphic summarizes what a Digital View LCD controller board does…

Digital View LCD controller diagram

As the graphic shows, a Digital View LCD controller board, or A/D board:

  • Accepts a video signal input, for example HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, ARGB (VGA), Component video, Composite video, HD-SDI, HD-BaseT.
  • Formats the signal, scales the resolution if necessary and outputs a suitable format signal to an LCD panel, for example LVDS, V-by-One, eDP, TTL.
  • With the addition of control functions and monitoring options. This includes everything from brightness control, image and color controls as well as more advanced functions like picture-in-picture, also methods of control such as buttons and RS-232.

The kinds of applications include anywhere a display is used, as computer monitors, in-flight entertainment systems, navigation systems, for medical applications of all types from diagnostics to surgery, on industrial equipment, in public digital signage.

We currently offer approximately 30 models of LCD controller board including versions for harsher environments, and all of them are available for some level of customization.