Using Keynote To Make Video For Real-Estate

I have often heard people dismiss the use of presentation software for digital signage content but Apple’s Keynote looks entirely suitable for some applications. For a start it is very easy to use for text, graphics and video as well as creating animation, then rendering out as video. When you start up Keynote it asks for the slide size so for example a size of 1280×720 for 720p video or 1024×768 for 4:3 video are good choices.

So to consider an application example, video for a real-estate display, suitable steps would be:

  • Collect the photos and text details to be used
  • Create the slides as with a normal presentation
  • Add animation to make the display more active but don’t overdo it and make sure details are left on screen long enough for viewers to be able to see them
  • Select Share / Export then QuickTime with Playback Uses: Manual Advance and Formats: Full Quality, Large with audio if you added any.

That is it, a high definition video suitable for a Digital View VideoStream or VideoFlyer media player.

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