SVX-1920v3 new firmware release

The SVX-1920v3 LCD controller, designed for input signals and LCD panels up to Full-HD and 1920×1200 resolution, was recently updated with firmware v1.12.00.00 enabling many new functions for this model. These include:

  • Support for SDI input adaptors, HD-1000/2000/3000
  • Picture-in-Picture support
  • Ethernet support for remote function control and reporting
  • Backlight PWM support
  • Remote RS-232 command (and over Ethernet) for soft power on/off

Together with this update we have amended the website downloads as follows:

  • Manual, now version 2.0
  • 2D drawing, this reflects a minor component change to improve stability of the 2.5V power line, it does not affect the mechanical or connectivity features.

The brochure also requires amendment and this will be released shortly.

More SVX-1920v3 Features Coming Soon…

Functions scheduled for future firmware release include the following:

  • Text overlay, this enables many creative applications,
  • AVD-1000 for composite, SD Component and S-Video input support,
  • Image flip (H&V invert),
  • DisplayMark support for display monitoring, ideal for digital signage,
  • DDC-Ci and CEC
  • And more…

SVX-1920v3 LCD controller - Digital View


Details of the SVX-1920v3 together with relevant downloads are available on the main Digital View website here with a full summary of all controllers here.

Complementary to the SVX-1920v3 is the HX-1920v3 which is enhanced to support operation in harsher environments. The HX-1920v3 provides the same functionality as the SVX version.