SVH-1920 replaced after 10 years

In contrast to the consumer market where everyone is used to seeing new models every 6 to 12 months many Digital View customers look to us to keep products in production for as long as possible. The SVH-1920 is a good example, first launched in 2005 it was kept in production for 10 years until we were unfortunately forced to discontinue production due to serious component issues.

However to meet continued demand Digital View has released the SVH-1920v2, it is almost identical to the original SVH-1920 but features an updated scaler as well as new panel connectors so as to meet changes in the LCD panel market over the years.

Here is a picture of the two boards (click on the image to see a larger version):

SVH-1920 & SVH-1920v2

Compared to the original, the SVH-1920v2 provides:

  • 10 bit color support, the original provided 8 bit
  • Updated LVDS connectors
  • eDP panel support
  • 18 PiP options on the v2, there were 3 on the original
  • Ceramic capacitors
  • A different color PCB.

Samples are now shipping, for availability and technical questions please contact your reseller or contact us directly.