SID 2010 – All About Displays

The Society for Information Displays (SID) held their annual SID conference and exhibition in Seattle, Washington last week. LCD panels have been the star of the show for many years now and this year was no exception – the surprise was the general absence of large OLED panels.

Not surprisingly 3D was very much in evidence both large and small for TV’s (with glasses) and mobile applications (without glasses).  Also touch and multi-touch panels were well represented as were displays for e-books, for example E-Ink was showing it latest color electrophoretic displays, ie the technology used in the Amazon Kindle and similar .

A few non-LCD technologies that have been in development for a few years were on show including:

Other than that one novelty was a transparent 46″ LCD display from Samsung. This was being demonstrated for digital signage applications with a mock up retail window display – it was very effective and appeared to draw constant attention.

And Digital View – this year we put our new Integre integrated chassis centre stage. Integre is designed for display system integrators using Samsung LCD displays of 32″ to 82″ providing an easy to use interface, power and monitoring solution, see more details here (press release).

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