OLED Panel Support

Digital View recently started offering OLED panel support with an interface for the Chi-Mei 7.6″, a display with a resolution of 800×480. As more and larger panels are released this support will be extended and of course the panels will be referenced on the Controller Solution Generator (CSG).

There is a good reason that OLED is getting increasing coverage in the press, some of the features will be compelling. Although at this stage most of the media focus appears to be on the ability to manufacture very thin monitors for many applications the more important benefits are likely to be:

  • Very wide viewing angle from all directions.
  • Extremely high contrast.
  • Very fast response times.
  • Flexibility, depending on substrate.

In addition OLEDs are light-weight and power efficient. In general these features should make OLED an ideal display technology for video related applications such as digital signage as well as in some professional video monitors where color gamut is not critical.

Digital View has long been associated with LCD panel support and pleased to be able to add OLED panels to its support portfolio.

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