Launch of Screen’s ‘Green Screen’

In a move that has quickly attracted some green-screen-labelwell known major digital signage companies the Screen launched the Green Screen initiative at ScreenExpo in London on 5 May 2010.

Digital View is a major sponsor of the Screen and I was pleased to be able to introduce one of the ’12 Steps’ (see here for details). As a media player provider for the digital signage market we took to championing Step 6 which states ‘Computing power has been kept to a minimum, lower power computers generating less heat, needing less cooling and lasting longer’.

Whilst Digital View plays an important role in enabling quite a number of the Steps number 6 is very appropriate given the low power solid state ViewStream players. These consume as little as 4.8W when playing video and the ViewStream 500 only consumes 6W when playing full 1080p video. Contrast this with a PC based media player that will likely consume at least 4 times as much and for many systems even more.

I am excited about Green Screen as it is the right time for an initiative like this in the industry and judging by the support it is getting already it seems many would agree with this.

James Henry, CEO

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