Innovation everywhere – is digital signage turning over a new leaf?

Digital View at screen media expo
Digital View at screen media expo

Well that’s it for Screenmedia Expo 2010, the 2 day event at Earl’s Court in London. The show was reasonably well attended and a positive experience for us, but what’s more interesting is how the market seems to be moving.

Exhibiting in a stand next to our partners Magenta and True Colours, we brought our 2 media player families to the show, the ViewStream™ range of digital media players and the VideoFlyer™ range of all-in-one LCD and media player ‘off the shelf’ products. These all exhibited with their associated OEM versions. As market leaders in the dedicated digital media player range we always get happy customers popping by to tell their stories which we love hearing, and this year is no exception.

The ViewStream™ 300 – Standalone digital media player received a lot of interest from spectators wanting to display standard definition signage that doesn’t need to be updated often. This player is incredibly competitive on price and offers a great range of features and free software for content management. Easy to use and update, this player is appropriate to a lot people. The ViewStream™ 320 – standard definition network digital media player also caught punter’s eyes for its network capabilities, making small affordable networks achievable.

However, what is really interesting is the reaction to our newest addition to the ViewStream™ family – the 700 series, which are dedicated network media players built on either Linux or PC, completely capable of running virtually any signage software on the market. But how does this reflect the market? Well, we received a lot of comments indicating that cost of ownership and reliability are main factors. Clearly anyone can get their hands on a cheap PC and set it up to run as a digital sign, but what made a big impression was the 700 series (being built for purpose) not only allows an organization to enter the digital signage arena with a full arsenal of capabilities, but as importantly these devices are completely reliable.

The DigitalView brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability and the 700 series is no exception with much consideration given to easy upgrade paths, high quality components, exceptional graphics, more memory than an elephant and an almost indestructible enclosure design built with seriously demanding deployment conditions in mind. In brief, the 700 series has cracked open the digital signage market for smaller companies and it works really well.

So, coming full circle, what we’re seeing is that not only are bigger companies looking to take advantage of the Scala’s and signagelive’s of this world (both excellent software solutions by the way) but more and more smaller companies are rolling their own dedicated signage solutions and offering them into the market place. Products like our ViewStream™ 700 series are making this an affordable reality. What will be really interesting is to see what features become most prevalent or are introduced as this slice of the market grows.

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