Ethernet Connection for Displays

Digital View LCD controllers have incorporated Ethernet connectivity for quite a few years now as an alternative to the RS-232 serial interface that is also provided on all its LCD controller models. The Ethernet interface has also been available as a separate module known as the IP-50.

Over the past nine months we have introduced the IP-60, a more powerful version of the Ethernet module. The improvements are most easily described as a faster processor, more memory and more I/O functionality. So for example in the web server mode, larger and more complex web pages can be written as a user interface. In general the performance is faster. We are progressively enabling more device interface capabilities, for example to various sensors (light, heat etc) and devices such as fans.

To help with the usability of this Ethernet connectivity we will be providing various applications designed to run on Windows and communicate through TCP as well as UDP in another update. As with the IP-50 and RS-232 serial connection, the full command set of the controller are available.

The IP-60 is incorporated in the upcoming SVX-2560 controller as mentioned in an earlier post and will also feature in our soon to be announced 4K controller.

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