DV Remote Utility V.3

We recently launched a new software utility for real-time control of Digital View media players. This is different from our existing content management and scheduling systems as used in networked digital signage applications as it is intended for direct, real-time control as may be more typically used in an AV installation.

Details in brief:

  • The DV Remote Utility is a PC based application for real-time remote control of a  Digital View ViewStream 300 or ViewStream 500 media player over a network or RS-232 connection.
  • Functions include all the common DVD player type commands such as Play, Pause, Stop, Next track, Previous Track as well as track name feedback.
  • When used with a ViewStream 300 a Digital View IP-50 is used for the network connection.
  • Integrated within the DV Remote is another utility that helps locate the media player on the network, this can save a network administrator from having to search through router logs.
  • At present this is Windows based but a Mac version is due in the near future.

DV Remote

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