New 10″ VideoFlyer

The latest version of the Digital View 10″ VideoFlyer (VF100W) was unveiled the other day. This is a complete redesign based around the M3-310 integrated media player & LCD controller.

The most apparent result of this new design is the slimmer housing and narrower bezel with other modifications making the unit more attractive and fit for purpose – VideoFlyers are designed for use in retail promotion shelf edge signage and POP fixtures as well as museums and galleries.

Some of the special features, in addition to being a fully solid-state MPEG and JPEG media player & display system include:

  • USB content update, this is an automated process.
  • Connection for external buttons for interactivity and control.
  • Support for DV Remote, a PC based remote control application.
  • Built in speakers with volume control as well as stereo audio output.
  • RS-232 connection for external device connection and control.
  • Motion detector and bar-code reader options.
  • Infra-red remote control support.
  • Easily adapts to an open-frame bezel mount media-player/display.

The 10″ wide-screen panel is superb, together with the rugged housing and built around the proven Digital View M3 media player architecture this is a great little media-player display system.

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