Digital Signage in Transport – The Screen in NY

Train station platforms and airports around the world bear testament to the value of digital signage in transport. The attraction is clearly the shear volume of people even if the demographics are broad.

Taking place today in New York is the Screen’s first ‘breakfast briefing’ in the USA with 5 well known speakers sharing their views on the prospects for DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) in transport. Details of the event can be seen here (the invite) and about the Screen itself here. The Screen is based in London and has been holding breakfast briefings for some years now with the objective of informing and educating the industry on specific topics selected for each event. Sometimes the events are innovative in themselves such as the visit to the Ogilvy Digital Labs in Canary Wharf, London, later this month (details here).

During Screen Expo held in London in April 2010 the Screen launched the Green Screen supported by a number of key sponsors. This is a major long term initiative promoting environmental responsiblity within the digital signage industry and will be developed together with members of the industry.

Digital View was one of the founders of the Screen in 2004 and is proud to remain a key sponsor.

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