Digital View At The World Cup And The Olympics

We’re very excited about an installation of monitors that Alfacam have built using Digital View technology. Using our powerful LCD Controller board, the SVH-1920, and the HD-2000 and IP-50 accessories, Alfacam have deployed these custom monitors in their OB trucks during the World Cup just as they did at the last Olympics. This is enabling them to drive LCD panels to display the feeds coming in from the games.

The SVH-1920 enables professional broadcast monitor applications to be built using selected LCD displays up to WUXGA resolution. With features such as image expansion, optDisplays from Alfacam's OB truck for the World Cup using SVH-1920  LCD Controllerional HD-SDI for HD video, on-screen PIP functions and more, Digital View LCD Controllers and accessories enable display designers to build professional broadcast solutions. Find out more about LCD Controllers here.

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