Digital posters and a little thought

Digital signage is everywhere, some of it amazingly good, some not so good. What separates the good from the bad and what is being done to build on successes?

Digital Posters Designed To Make Content Look AmazingHave you ever wondered around a store and seen a grubby looking screen showing pictures you can’t quite see, or been impressed by a multi screen rotating installation that looks the business. Remember how you felt? If you haven’t had the pleasure, if you are planning to use digital displays, the key is to spend a little time considering the impact on viewers.

Granted, this is only one aspect, but if you think about it, how do you want your visitors to feel after they’ve gone. Are they going to remember the blue screen of death – perhaps the mass of cables piled up at the back of the screen, or will they be feeling good about a pleasant experience with you and thinking about the great looking content they saw? That’s what is great about digital posters – bright screens, always on, low energy consumption (compared to PCs) and loads of interactive options. What’s more, they are designed to big up the content and blend with your environment, there are even options to fit them into existing interior design with the full knowledge that they can be completely relied on.

The flip side? Digital posters are a new concept. Until recently all public screens have been broadly lumped into the same category. That’s changing though as we find specific uses for different types of display. A digital poster performs a specific set of tasks and is flexible enough to be moved around and re-deployed according circumstances. They perform at their best when viewers don’t really notice what they are, they just pay attention to what’s on them, and that happens when the screens are part of the initial plan design for the space they occupy and the content is designed to engage seamlessly with the expectations of the viewer. Creating the great experience whilst communicating is the challenge, but as part of the tool set to achieve this digital posters can make a powerful contribution. Check out digital posters here.

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