Capacitors & Lifetime

Until recently our standard model LCD controller boards used electrolytic capacitors and the enhanced models for harsher environments used tantalum capacitors. For models since 2017 we have transitioned to ceramic capacitors for both standard and harsh environment models.

The benefits of ceramic capacitors includes a significantly longer lifetime than electrolytic capacitors even at sustained elevated temperatures as indicated by the examples in the following table:

Lifetime (25C)511,000142,863,000
Lifetime (40C)180,0003,326,000
Lifetime (60C)45,000129,000

Another benefit is that as a surface mount component they are more robust in operating environments with vibration than the through hole electrolytic equivalent.

Digital View LCD controller boards with ceramic capacitors include the following and any harsh environment versions of these:

  • SVX-4096, SVX-4096-120, SVX-4096-VW
  • SP-4096, SP-1920
  • SVH-1920v2
  • ALT-1920
  • DD-1920-HDMI-T, DD-1920-HDMI-EDPT,
  • ALR-1400v2

See our LCD controller summary page for a full list of current models.