Backlight detection

Digital View LCD controller boards provide blacklight detection and reporting. To meet the needs of display applications where monitoring the backlight of a LCD panel is important various Digital View LCD controller models as noted below enable this functionality with panels that have a backlight status signal:

  • SVX-3840 LCD controller for 4K LCD panels
  • SVX-2560 supporting panels with resolution up to 2560×1600
  • SVX-1920v3 / HX-1920v3 for Full-HD with Harsh Environment model
  • ALR-1920

The remote communication is via RS-232 (serial connection) on each of these models as well as Ethernet connection on the SVX models.

One potential application may be digital signage where a backlight failure means a paid advertisement will not be visible. By being able to detect and report on the status companies can take early action to minimize any downtime. For details of compatible panels and the right solution it is best to contact Digital View directly or one of our listed distributors.

backlight detect