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LCD Controllers

4mm LCD Controller Preview

15 April 2016

With a maximum thickness of only 4mm the DD-1920-HDMI-T is designed for commercial LCD display applications where space is at a premium or design preference dictate ‘thin’. This LCD controller is based on the well … [more]


Transparent OLED Controller Solutions

8 March 2016

Attracting many references to movies and science fiction, transparent OLED displays are here and being used in retail and trade shows. They are certainly eye catching as the contrast and transparency exceeds anything that has … [more]

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LCD Controllers

SVX-2560 Update – Network Functionality

5 March 2016

The Digital View SVX-2560 LCD controller update released this week is primarily focused on enhancing the network functionality. Specifically the various modifications include: Full Ethernet command & control functions with both browser mode & command mode … [more]

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LCD Controllers

SVX-4096 LCD Controller for 4K LCD Panels – update

19 February 2016

The SVX-4096 LCD controller for 4K LCD panels which was first mentioned in this blog back in January 2016 is now nearly availability with samples scheduled for the end of February 2016. Here are a list the … [more]

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LCD Controllers

Backlight detection

27 January 2016

Digital View LCD controller boards provide blacklight detection and reporting. To meet the needs of display applications where monitoring the backlight of a LCD panel is important various Digital View LCD controller models as noted below … [more]

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LCD Controllers

True-4K LCD Controller pre-release

17 January 2016

Digital View will shortly announce the release of a True-4K LCD controller for 4096×2160 LCD panel support. Following in the tradition of the SVX family of controllers this will be a full featured model supporting … [more]

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