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LCD Controller Boards For LCD Monitors


LCD Controller Boards

LCD controller boards for LCD panels of all sizes, connectivity from 640x480 up to 4K for use in commercial monitors, industrial monitors, harsh environment monitors & video display systems. OLED also supported.


Accessories & Software

Extend the functionality and add value to monitors and displays with these accessories and software applications designed for Digital View LCD controllers: Function buttons, cables, sensors, audio, power and utilities.


Connection Diagrams

Use the Digital View Controller Solution Generator (CSG) to find a display system connection diagram showing parts and settings to match an LCD panel and LCD controller board assembly.

digital view lcd controller

What is a LCD Controller Board?

An LCD controller board provides the interface between a normal video signal like HDMI and the signal needed by the LCD panel in a LCD monitor. It converts and formats the video signal and also enables many user and system functions.

Link to Blog: What is an LCD controller?

New Products

•  SP-4096-120 (coming soon)
•  ALT-1920 and HLT-1920
•  DT-1920-HDMI
•  AVD-500 composite input add-on

New & Updated Accessories:
•  5 button OSD switch mount
•  Software updates