EPM-050 Interface Board For E Ink 13.3"


Front & back of EPM-050

For e-ink logo panels

Interface driver board for E Ink 13.3" monochrome panels.

•  Inputs: Micro USB
•  Panel support: E Ink 13.3"
•  Power: 5VDC or 12VDC (select)

•  Part number: 4160245xx-3


EPM-050 Interface Board for E Ink 13.3"

The Digital View EPM-050 interface board is designed for E Ink 13.3" monochrome reflective e-paper display panels. This low power interface accepts an image transferred over USB from a source media player such as a Raspberry Pi or Android PC. E Ink based displays are ideal for public signboards, transport information displays and similar. The significant benefits include the high visibility in bright environments as well as the ability to operate from solar power due to the very low power consumption.

The display system design is broadly similar to working with LCD panels except that the driver board, EPM-050, has a USB interface for the transfer of bitmap images from a media source. Also, partial screen writes are possible enabling faster image updates and further reductions in power consumption. We will be preparing a guide to working with E Ink panels, in the meantime contact us and we will be happy to explain.

Custom driver board layout with additional functions or integration is available as an engineering service. In addition Digital View can assist with display bonding and other integration requirements for the E Ink panel. See also, the 32" and 42" outdoor display which is design as the basis for outdoor project development: Outdoor display.

Specifications: EPM-050 for E Ink 13.3"

Panel Connectivity Panel connection: E Ink 13.3" (ED133UT3 models)
Resolution For 13.3": 1600 x 1200
Functions Image rotation: 180 degrees
Image mirror (horizontal flip)
16 level grey scale mode
Input connector Micro USB (for image input)

For demonstrations and small networks we provide Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, 3B+, 4B support as a media player and a Windows application for users to create and transfer images to E Ink displays.
Sensors Built-in temperature sensor
Power Power input 5VDC default, 12VDC selectable (jumper)
Power output (option): 5V DC for (for 12V input only) Raspberry Pi

Standby power consumption (as meaasured):
13.3" Panel + EPM-050 + = 0.5W
Raspberry Pi3 (Model B+) = 0.32A x 5VDC = 1.6W

During image write to panel (as measured):
13.3" Panel + EPM-050 + x 12VDC = 1.5W
Raspberry Pi3 (Model B+) = 0.61A x 5VDC = 3.05W
Image file Supports bitmap (bmp) file format
Size 75 x 75mm (3" x 3") x 4mm thick
Operating temperature -15°C to +65°C (based on chamber temperature tests)
Reliability MTBF in excess of 200,000 hours @ 25oC (calculated using Telcordia SR-332 procedure)
Warranty 3 years
PCB design and layout
Component & connector selection

Note: 1 The Operating temperature is given for reference only, the controller should be tested and verified in the finished display product.


•  Brochure (PDF)
•  Revision Note (PDF)
•  Connection Guide overview (PDF)
•  Programming Guide (PDF) coming soon
•  Software web page
   (Windows PC & Raspberry Pi application)

•  EPM-050 2D drawing (PDF)
•  EPM-050 2D drawing (DWG)

Statements & Declarations
•  Statement of volatility
•  Compliance & declarations page

Connection Diagram
•  ED133UT3 (on DV CSG)
Controller Solution Generator (CSG)

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Both firmware and hardware customization options are available to meet specific project and application requirements. Use the form below to contact us.

E Ink Epaper Display System

E Ink Epaper Display System

A typical E Ink based display system for public signage or retail is likely to include the following:

•   E Ink panel
•   Digital Viuew driver board
•   Media board or PC
•   Communications for content update & monitoring
•   Power source, ie grid, solar, battery

e-paper display system

In addition a system may include:
•   Sensors, temperature, humidity, ambient light etc
•   Cover glass to protect the panel
•   Software to manage the image update
•   Enclosure

eink panel

Software, Content Update & Media Players

As a public signage display, a typical system will have a media player, for example a PC, Android PC or Raspberry Pi to go with the display and display driver/controller board. The Raspberry Pi models Zero 2W, 3B+ or 4B appear to be sufficiently powerful for many signboard purposes so we have used it for further development. The following appnotes show example methods for updating the image using a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ together with the EPM-050 driver board and a compatible E Ink panel (NOTE: The applications referenced in these appnotes is available for free to EPM-050 customers):

- From PC to USB (PDF)
- Via Google Drive (PDF)
- Via network (PDF)

In addition we have been working with live data feeds, for example retrieving weather data from public sources, formatting it then writing it directly to the display.

Another function is partial screen update, this capability enables just updating the part of the display where the content has changed. This reduces the power used and can be useful for very low power installations.


As the E Ink panel is reflective and bistable it is uniquely suited to outdoor installations powered by a solar panel with rechargeable battery. Power reduction methods might include almost completely powering off the system and only powering up to perform intermittent content checks and updates. To facilitate this we have a pic processor powered timer relay