HSP-4096 – 4K Solution for Harsh Environments

31 March 2018

The HSP-4096 is a modified version of the SP-4096 to suit harsher environments, and includes an acrylic resin conformal coating to provide increased resistance to moisture, dust and fungus. The HSP-4096 is suitable for video … [more]

station signs

Support For New AUO Stretch Panels

28 March 2018

AUO has announced two new stretch panels (or banner panels if you prefer), a 37″ and 42″ both with a brightness rating of 1,500nit so suitable for high-bright environments. AUO 37″ model P370IVN03 has a … [more]

LCD Controllers

Digital View LCD Controller Support For Kyocera T-55787GD104J-LW-AHN

27 March 2018

Digital View has published a connection diagram for the ALR-1400v2 LCD controller detailing connection for this panel Selected as an example, this is one of many connection guidelines we provide every day. The Kyocera 10.4″  … [more]


Digital View Software

24 March 2018

We have recently updated our software page on the website listing the various utilities we provide to support controller functions: Here is the software summary as noted in early November 2017: These are available for … [more]

Digital View Port renaming
LCD Controllers

Port Renaming – Video Inputs

22 March 2018

Want a custom name in the display Menu for a video input? The Digital View LCD controllers listed below support renaming of the video input ports using the Controller Utility and TCP/IP Serial Utility applications … [more]

Digital View HE-1400v2 LCD controller

HE-1400v2: The ‘Go-To’ Panel Controller for Harsh Environments

16 March 2018

The Digital View HE-1400v2 LCD controller for harsh environments, like its counterpart for general industrial environments (the ALR-1400v2), is an LCD controller that has proven to be a ‘go-to’ panel controller for LCD panels of … [more]

digital view hsp-1920 lcd controller

The HSP-1920 for Harsh Environments

15 March 2018

The HSP-1920 is a version of the SP-1920 for harsher environments, featuring enhancements such as conformal coating and select components. Designed for video signals up to 1920×1200 and LCD panel resolutions up to 1920×1200 with LVDS connectivity. … [more]

Digital View SP-1920 lcd controller

The SP-1920 LCD Controller

9 March 2018

The SP-1920 is a latest generation LCD controller for video signals up to 1920×1200 and LCD panel resolutions up to 1920×1200 with LVDS connectivity. The SP-1920 meets the needs of many applications but is likely … [more]


Save the Date for Display Week 2018!

21 February 2018

At Display Week 2018 we will be exhibiting our top products, including the SP-4096. The SP-4096 has a built-in source/media failover function so the screen won’t go blank if there is no input signal. Following … [more]

Digital View SVX-4096 DD-1920

Digital View’s LCD Controller Sizes

31 January 2018

Catering to all commercial and industrial display requirements, panel resolutions and input signals Digital View controllers also come in various sizes from the compact models in the DD-1920 series at approx. 92mm x 62mm (approx. … [more]


Extending Functionality of the SP-4096 Controller

29 January 2018

The SP-4096, a new 4K controller for LCD panels we launched in 2017, is being used for a 65″ monitor with the IE-2000 add-on board for the 120Hz 4K panel and the HD-3000S for 3G-SDI … [more]


Daisy Chain Support on the SVX-4096-VW Controller

29 January 2018

Digital View’s SVX-4096-VW controller has Displayport Single Stream Transport (SST) daisy chain support. Our daisy chain connection capability has been tested to link up to 30 monitors with the SVX-4096-VW, enabling the content to be … [more]

Digital View 8 button OSD with rubber overlay

OSD Buttons

26 January 2018

For many monitor designs the OSD buttons are the essential interface to the wide range of display functions available. Choices include membrane type, mini button as well as custom button options. See Digital View OSD Buttons for … [more]

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