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Display Week & New Products

23 June 2020

This year SID’s DisplayWeek is a virtual event. The Digital View booth is listed under our name so very easy to find. Listed below are our new products. We are standing by for “booth discussions” … [more]

LCD Controllers


16 June 2020

Updated Jan 2021: One of the new Digital View LCD controller boards is the SP-1920-Dual-HDMI. This controller board uses internal headers rather than edge connectors so this is a very compact board, just 63mm x … [more]

Digital View ALT-1920 with AUO 23.6" circular LCZD panel

23.6″ Circular LCD Panel

14 June 2020

Update: Here is a new video showing the connection step by step: https://youtu.be/Y758T-fYFDg We have been testing the pre-production AUO 23.6″ circular panel (model P236RVN01.0), together with our ALT-1920 LCD controller board. It looks excellent, … [more]


Video Guides – Live Page Updates

7 June 2020

The following is the list of recent video guides to Digital View products: Connection diagrams (CSG) explained SP-4096, HSP-4096 introduction SP-1920, HSP-1920 introduction SP-1920-Dual-HDMI introduction (new model) ALT-1920, HLT-1920 Introduction Firmware upgrade: ALR-1400v2, ALT-1920, HLT-1920, … [more]

Digital View ALT-1920 with circular LCD panel

Circular LCD Panel – 23.6″

13 May 2020

(updated post) In early 2020 Digital View provided a connection solution using the Digital View ALT-1920 LCD controller board to drive a true circular panel from AUO. Measuring 23.6″ in diameter this novel LCD panel … [more]

8 button osd membrane

Membrane OSD Buttons

10 May 2020

Digital View currently offers two OSD membrane-type buttons for use with its LCD controller boards with more models coming, see below: 8 button, horizontal, p/n: 356301122-3 (pictured below) 8 button, vertical, p/n: 356301121-3 Then there … [more]

Digital View DT-1920-HDMI LCD controller board
LCD Controllers

DT-1920 Controller Series

13 March 2020

Starting with the DT-1920-HDMI-EDPT in 2019 Digital View is in the process of releasing a series of LCD controller board models under the DT-1920 range. These are the most compact single input models and some … [more]

Digital View OSD buttons 416103810-3

OSD Button Board – New

12 March 2020

The Digital View portfolio of button board options continues to grow with the addition of a slim 5 click button board incorporating an IR sensor and power LED. The button boards also have cable connectors … [more]

SP-4096-120 LCD controller board
LCD Controllers

SP-4096-120 Preview

13 February 2020

Within the next few weeks we will be announcing and listing on the website a new 4K LCD controller board designed to support 120Hz panels, the SP-4096-120. A few of the key features: 3 x … [more]

digital view conformal coating
LCD Controllers

Conformal Coating

11 February 2020

One of the ways we make our LCD controller boards better suited for harsher environments is to add a conformal coating. The conformal coating helps protect against moisture, dust, and fungus. As an example, we … [more]

OLED tree

CES 2020

13 January 2020

CES is a consumer electronics show so the products being presented are not necessarily relevant for commercial applications but I thought it interesting to consider the availability of what was exhibited in terms of displays: … [more]


BOE 48″ Ultra-Wide LCD

7 January 2020

We recently connected the BOE DV480FBM-N01 ultra-wide LCD panel with the Digital View SVX-4096 LCD controller board. This LCD panel has a resolution of 3840 x 720 pixels and a brightness of 1,000nits. This ultra-wide … [more]

Add-on board

Brightness Adjustment

12 December 2019

The context is adjusting the brightness of an LCD panel that has an LED backlight. There are two aspects to this topic: User backlight adjustment methods System level design for adjusting the backlight User Adjustment … [more]

high tni lcd panel

High TNI LCD Panels

23 November 2019

A high TNI panel is designed to prevent blackening when the display operates under elevated temperature conditions such as outdoors where there is both high ambient temperatures and inevitably a high bright backlight. A typical … [more]

light sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

27 September 2019

An ambient light sensor in an LCD monitor or display system can be used to enable automatic backlight adjustment or power standby. It can be used to dim the backlight to match current lighting conditions … [more]

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