Backlight Accessories

Most LCD panels that we are asked to support have built-in backlight drivers, but whether they are built-in or separate the brightness control method is currently trending to PWM rather than analog. As shown on the LCD Controller Summary all Digital View LCD controllers boards support both analog and PWM backlight adjustment (the exception is the MIPI controller board which is PWM only).

CCFL: As of May 2020 virtually all LCD panels with built-in backlights are using LED, the use of CCFL has effectively stopped (only 9 models were listed as still in production).

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Inverter Interface Board - High Power


» Description: Designed to provide power for high current consumption LCD panel backlights. This board enables current of up to 8 Amps to be managed while retaining the capability for inverter dimming and management of the inverter enable signal. Also provides over voltage (<13V) and reverse polarity protection.
» Works with: High power backlight systems
» Input signal: DC power
» Output signal: DC power
» Resettable fuse: 8.0 Amp
» Part number: 4160400xx-3

» Manual

LED Backlight Driver - Custom


Digital View can also provide custom designed LED drivers, with the option of integration or advanced connection with name brand backlight drivers, these can enable functions such as non-linear backlight adjustment, finer tuning of low brightness backlight adjustment, backlight monitoring.

Some of our controller models include a built-in LED driver.