Design Engineering

With our products being deployed in such a wide range of environments, we understand our customers require customized solutions to fit their exact specifications. Our engineering services are available to give you the expertise you need to customize our products. Whatever the project, Digital View has the expertise, supply chain resources and flexible production capacity to deliver cost effective, high quality solutions.

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Splash Screen Service

Find out more about Digital View LCD Controllers

Digital View’s family of LCD controllers may be customized to display a logo on screen during the initialization of the monitor. Specifically the logo is displayed as soon as the controller powers up until the time that it determines a valid video input and switches to display that screen.

This service can be used with our following products :

  • » SVX-1920
  • » DVS-1600
  • » ALR-1400
  • » HE-1920
  • » HE-1400
  • » SVH-1920
  • » SP-1600
  • » AVP-1280
  • » HE-1600
  • Custom Signal Timing

    Adding custom signal timings to ensure connectivity to non-standard and legacy displays systems.

  • Custom Operating Defaults

    Fixing custom menu settings to ‘factory default’.

  • OSD Menu Modifications

    Custom mods for your OSD project requirements.

Our Products For Your Specifications

Where hardware needs to be adapted for a custom enclosure or specific PCB-level solutions created, Digital View will undertake the creation of OEM versions of its products.

Digital View also produces a range of OEM products - branded for specific clients at both PCB and ENCLOSURE level. These 'white label' solutions are then manufactured solely for individual customers.

Sub-Assemblies (Open Frame Chassis)

Components are pre-mounted onto a customer specific chassis ready to be dropped directly into their finished product


The Digital View mechanical team design and specify custom enclosures for customers. Working in both moulded plastic and metal - our enclosure systems can be adapted for use in different industrial and outdoor environments. Our teams have experience developing water-tight solutions (NEMA & IP rated) and managing the heating and cooling requirements of outdoor and fully-sealed industrial systems.