HG-1920 LCD Controller Board


The HG-1920 LCD Controller has dual digital inputs for Picture-In-Picture on displays up to 1920x1200

For Harsher Environments
All features of SGX-1920, plus
Conformal coating
Extended temperature tolerance
Extended vibration tolerance
HG-1920 Harsh Environment LCD Controller / Driver Board
The HG-1920 is a fully buffered multi-sync interface controller for providing analog and digital connection for a wide range of TFT LCD panels up to WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution. It is a true 10-bit board that gives 10-bit color depth on a 10-bit panel. The board supports two digital video inputs and features full screen image expansion, on screen PIP and image markers. 3G HD-SDI converter board (HD-3000/HD-3000S) add-on board support for professional and broadcast video applications.

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Application Example : Trains
The HG-1920 is ideal for environments such as on trains where vibration standards are important, in addition the extensive command set accessed over Ethernet or RS-232 serial as well as its compatibility with monitoring accessories such as DisplayMark provide for complete system control.
Accessories for the HG-1920
Inverter Interface
Audio Amplifier
IR Remote Control
120Hz Support

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