Company History

Digital View was founded in March 1995 in Hong Kong and England with the California, USA office opened about a year later. Over its 20+ year history it has tracked the developments in LCD display technology to provide highly reliable electronics enabling video displays in a very broad range of non-consumer applications. When the company was founded 1024x768 was about the highest resolution available for production LCD panels with 640x480 still being very common, the panel interface was TTL, sizes were less than 20" diagonal and the aspect ratio was 4:3. At this time the input signals were typically Composite Video or VGA, an analog signal standard used for connection to PC's.

21 years later in 2016 we see LCD panels with resolution of 3840x2160 (usually referred to as Ultra-HD or 4K) and even higher in mass production, the common panel interfaces are LVDS, eDP and V-by-One, sizes are exceeding 100" diagonal and the common aspect ratio is 16:9 but with 16:10 and 4:3 still being readily available as well as many other banner panels avaialble. The most common input signals are now digital and include HDMI and DisplayPort but VGA is still in use in various commercial applications along with DVI. In addition new display technologies have moved into mass production, most notably OLED though it is still primarily suited for consumer applications. 

Digital View LCD Controller Model Launch Dates

1995 AC-9511
1996 AC-9606
1997 PN-9701
1998 AC-1024, AV-0640, AV-0800, DC-550/555, SV-1024, SV-N705
1999 AC-0640, AC-0800, AC-1024v3, ACM-1024, AV-1024, AV-1280, MAV-1280
2000 AC-9512, ACG-1024, ACL-1024, SVP-1280/SVP-1600
2001 SV-1600
2002 ACL-1280, AVP-1280
2003 DVI-1280, SV-1600+
2004 AL-1024, AL-1280
2005 SVH-1920
2006 ALR-1400, SP-1600
2007 DVI-2560, DVS-1600, HE-1400, HE-1600
2008 HE-1920, SVH-1920+
2009 AVP-1600, HX-1920, SVX-1920
2010 HVX-1920L
2011 ALR-1920, ALR-1920-120, ALR-1920-SDI, DD-1920, SGX-1920, SGX-1920L
2012 HG-1920
2013 DD-1920-DVI
2014 DD-1920-HDMI, SVX-1920v3, SVX-2560, SVX-3840
2015 DD-1920-VGA, DD-1920-HDBT, SVX-3840, SVH-1920v2
2016 SVX-4096

Some Display Industry Milestones:

   VGA - 640x480 introduced in 1987
   XGA - 1024x768 introduced in 1990

After this the industry started moving away from standard 4:3 aspect ratios as well as moving to digital interfaces

   DVI was introduced in 1999
   HDMI was introduced in 2003
   Displayport was introduced in 2006