Video-wall Display Modules With Bonded Glass

Video-walls with touch interactivity is on its way. As a first step in this process now supplies its 46″, 47″ and 55″ ultra-narrow bezel video-wall display modules with the all important protective glass front. The 3mm soda lime glass with AR (anti-reflective) coating is bonded using a temperature cured silicon with a refractive index to match the display to ensure the best visual results.

Optical bonding optimizes the visual clarity of the displays as it eliminates any internal air-gap that would lead to internal reflections then the AR coating further reduces reflections on the front of the display. The operational temperature range of the silicon bonding material is -50C to +150C, furthermore the bonding is repairable.

Video-walls continue to increase in popularity especially with the growth in public digital signage and this has also attracted demand for interactivity using large format touch solutions. These high reliability displays are designed and assembled in the Digital View NRTL approved facility, south Silicon Valley.

55inch AR Glass Bonded Display 2-14-14
In early April 2014 we will be announcing our video-wall touch options.

Note: This post was revised with updated information on 21 March 2014


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