Viability for digital screens in vending machines

Time was, using digital displays in vending machines was a tricky business. Screens were heavy and expensive to employ. As technology moves on and standards improve it is becoming easier to integrate screens with anything. Vending machines are no exception. Why bother though?Vending machines offer a great way to reach customers at a point when they are interested in engaging. They will search the vending machine looking for something they want and will pay attention to what is in front of them. Brand messages or marketing are a popular choice for the design of these units. As LCD displays become lighter, conform with RoHS standards and deliver better quality and efficiency, clearly digital media is once again becoming a serious option for bigger players. This opens up a slew of possibilities. Attractor videos can play promoting a brand message or playing the latest ad and using touch screen viewers can select products and see complimentary media at the same time. Not only does this give the vending machine owners more opportunity to impact their messages, but it also allows for easy update for newer content without having to pay extra for printing and maintenance. This keeps the content fresh and allows for continuing high impact engagement.

Cost is a major factor for vending, but with the price of the technology and the power efficiencies gained from smart deployments this once again makes the digital media option attractive. LCD controllers can be used to power down the screens to conserve energy and cut operating costs. Coupled with motion detectors vending machines can react only when needed, powering up and playing attractor content when visitors are near.

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