Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are an easy way to get some idea as to what is happening inside a video display and they can be an early warning of issues and help prevent serious damage to a system.

The following Digital View LCD controllers have a temperature sensor built on the board and also provide support for an externally connected temperature sensor. The data for these can then be polled via RS-232 or Ethernet.

  • SVX-4096, HX-4096
  • SVX-4096-120
  • SVX-4096-VW
  • SVX-2560

In addition all other Digital View LCD controllers can support three externally connected temperature sensors via the IP-60v2 accessory board.

Our normal choice for the temperature sensor is the National Semiconductor LM-60, this has a range of −40°C to +125°C. We have a  small accessory temperature sensor board available based on this and we also use this as our on-board temperature sensor.

The requirements for connecting other brands or models of temperature sensor to Digital View LCD controllers is that they are analog type and work with 5VDC input voltage.

digital view temperature sensor blog image

Update 4 April 2018:

The temperature sensor data can be read via the Ethernet port web page:

digital view device status