Save the Date for Display Week 2018!

At Display Week 2018 we will be exhibiting our top products, including the SP-4096. The SP-4096 has a built-in source/media failover function so the screen won’t go blank if there is no input signal.

Following are the highlights:

  • The screen can show a custom message or video when there is a failure. Most commercial applications can benefit, but it is most important for the Digital Signage market where a blank screen is a negative issue.
  • Downtime can be prevented. Messages can include corrective action or other meaningful content.
  • It only requires the addition of a USB memory stick, very straightforward in the context of existing installations.
  • There is a general usability improvement. It is like having a meaningful ‘404’ webpage rather than just ‘page not found’ or a blank screen.
  • Digital View can further customize the function to meet the specific needs of customers in niche markets.

We hope to see you at the show!